Cyber Security - Not an I.T Problem

Everyone's Responsibility

Cyber Security is finally being seen as a priority, but are the right people involved?

"Organisations seem to forget that IT applications are there to support business activities. Without a business there would be no applications"

In this Whitepaper, Equantiis' Head of Cyber Security, Parminder Lall, details his experiences working in organisations that failed to view Cyber Security as a business priority, and the consequences of this outdated viewpoint.

He goes on to explain how you can begin to shift the responsibility from I.T. to a cornerstone of business strategy and operation.

The main learning outcomes for this whitepaper are:

    • Understanding your business risks.
    • Changing perceptions amongst leadership
    • Training employees, in house and third parties. 
    • The role a CISO can play.
    • Dispersing responsibility for systems.